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Harnessing the Power of Stories


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About This Video

"Stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone."

When people think of advocating for their ideas, they think of convincing arguments based on data, facts, and figures. However, studies show that if you share a story, people are often more likely to be persuaded. And when data and story are used together, audiences are moved both intellectually and emotionally. When telling a story, you take the listener on a journey, moving them from one perspective to another. In this way, story is a powerful tool for engendering confidence in you and your vision. Stanford Marketing Professor Jennifer Aaker demonstrates the importance of story in shaping how others see you and as a tool to persuade. Aaker shares the elements of successful stories and makes the case for developing a portfolio of signature stories. Harnessing the power of story will enable you to be more persuasive, move people to action, and progress into your career.

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