Stanford University Policies

The Lab's Corporate Program is a member of Stanford University Industrial Affiliates network.

Below are policies affecting Stanford Industrial Affiliates Programs:

  • Industrial Affiliates Programs provide a window into research at Stanford and new sources of innovation, helping companies expand their expert network. Member funds provide an unrestricted pool of support for Program research by participating faculty, staff and students.
  • All Program members receive the same benefits. For programs with tiered memberships, all members of a tier receive the same level of benefits.
  • All research results shared with Program members are provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind.
  • Stanford University’s Code of Conduct concerning ethical, professional and legal standards applies to Affiliates Programs and all members of the Stanford community. It includes a prohibition against all forms of bribery and corruption.  
  • Affiliates Programs differ from sponsored research in that sponsored projects usually are one-on-one arrangements where a single company funds research in a designated faculty lab. The sponsored research agreement includes an agreed-upon a statement of work, a term, and a budget. The sponsoring company pays the full direct and indirect costs of the project. In return, the sponsor typically receives first rights to license resulting inventions or software.
  • Affiliates Programs do not provide intellectual property rights to members. Program research results are shared with members and the public.
  • Affiliates Programs are not a customer-vendor relationship with tangible deliverables or services. Accordingly, purchase order terms are not suited to membership in Affiliates Programs.

Provider: Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research, Stanford University.
View the Affiliate program policies.

Contact: ico [at] (Industrial Contracts Office)