Voice & Influence

The Voice & Influence online curriculum is designed to empower individuals to realize their professional potential, and help them create organizations where workers can excel, belong and thrive. This online curriculum features education modules with faculty from leading universities. Watch the videos individually or with a group, using our discussion guides to share experiences and discuss what "One Action" you can take to increase your own voice and influence.

Authentic Leadership

Create inclusive work environments where people can be authentic.

Effective Networks

Build effective networks to enable you to offer more and have more impact.

Shelley Correll V&I video image

Level Playing Field

Create effective workplaces where all people can thrive.

Stacy Blake-Beard V&I video image


Create mentoring relationships that are mutually empowering and beneficial.

Margaret Neale V&I video image


Learn a negotiation framework to benefit you and your counterpart.

Deborah Gruenfeld V&I video image

Power & Influence

Learn the body language of power to increase your influence.

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Power of Stories

Tell stories to advocate for your ideas and bring others on your journey.

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Rethinking Time

Feel rich(er) in time and achieve more goals.

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Team Dynamics

Harness the contributions of all team members.

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Women at Work

Identify patterns of gender bias and learn strategies to succeed at work.

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Work and Family

Maintain equal partnerships to navigate work and family dynamics.