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Other Video Resources

Redesigning Redefining Work Videobook

The Redesigning, Redefining Work Videobook offers innovative ideas and leading-edge research to help you create inclusive workplace cultures where people thrive and companies win in the global marketplace.

A Small Wins Approach to the Faculty Search Process

Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab Faculty Director and Professor Shelley Correll discusses common issues and specific strategies to mitigate implicit bias in making decisions that faculty search committee could adopt towards more inclusive practices.

If Diversity is So Important, Why Don't We Have More of It?

This video, featuring Stanford Professor of Management Margaret A. Neale, provides an overview of the research on bias and how it affects the evaluation of talent in companies.

How Women Can Overcome Bias at Work

This video, featuring Stanford VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab Co-Founder and Principal Investigator Dr. Shelley Correll, provides actionable insights on creating tools to block bias.

The power of us: How we stop sexual harassment

Lab Sociologist Marianne Cooper discusses the reasons behind the persistence of harassment in the workplace and issues a powerful call to action.