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The Power of
Inclusive Leadership

Combining academic insight with real-world strategies, the Center researches how organizations can create a more level playing field, where diverse talent can innovate and excel.

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Equal Pay Day panel


Upcoming Events

Black Strategic Mothering: Intersectional Feminism and the Opt Out/Lean In Movements 

Date & Time: February 13, 2018 - 4:15pm

Location: Levinthal Hall, 424 Santa Teresa Street, Stanford, CA

This talk draws from Barnes' book Raising the Race: Black Career Women Redefine Marriage, Motherhood, and Community (Rutgers 2016), an ethnographic study of Black career women in Atlanta, GA to discuss the historical development of what she calls “Black Strategic Mothering” as a conceptual tool to think through how Black women have continued to survive and thrive, despite raced, gendered, and classed, oppressions in the work force, in their homes, and in their communities.

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The Center conducts original research and designs strategies for creating more inclusive and innovative organizations.

Our Seeds of Change initiative promotes young women’s leadership in technology by building competency, resilience and leadership skills.

Our Corporate Program is a dynamic community where companies learn and share strategies for creating more meritocratic workplaces.

The online Voice & Influence Program features faculty from leading universities on leadership topics--from effective networking to the body language of power.

The Center offers Talks about the latest research on gender and organizational dynamics, along with real-world strategies for creating change.  

Our Tools provide practical guides for blocking gender bias, as well as a video workbook on redesigning work for today's economy.