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Assessing Performance and Potential

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See Bias | Block Bias Toolkit: Assessing Performance and Potential


Assessing performance and potential is an essential component of hiring, developing, retaining and advancing employees. The evaluation of performance happens constantly, both formally and informally. These kinds of evaluations lead to judgments about who is “high potential,” who needs to improve and who should get access to challenging and high visibility assignments leading to career advancement.

In this toolkit, you will learn how bias can unintentionally influence evaluations of merit in hiring, developing, retaining and advancing employees.

Download the Performance and Potential Toolkit

How do you block bias from impacting your evaluation of performance? All solutions must block the use of stereotypes in assessing talent. When stereotypes become a short cut, bias can creep into the evaluation process. This guideline outlines ways you can use criteria as a tool to block bias.

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