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Work and Family: Getting to 50/50


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About This Video

"How do I take the life I have now, which is chock-full, and add a family?"

It’s time to innovate how we think and talk about work and family. In this video, experts offer key strategies and frameworks for achieving equal partnerships, so that men and women can better navigate work and life dynamics. “Work & Family: Getting to 50/50” starts with a new framework for making important career and family decisions based on a unique approach, economics! Professor Myra Strober reveals how economic concepts such as investing in yourself, the economics of childcare, and maximizing your well-being can help families plan for the present and future. Then Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober (co-authors of Getting to 50/50: How working parents can have it all) host a casual yet informative panel that highlights effective strategies and tips for communicating with your partners and employers when planning for careers and parenting.

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