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See Bias | Block Bias Tool: Diagnosing Bias

See Bias Block Bias journal

See Bias | Block Bias Tool: Diagnosing Bias

This tool provides an evidence-based approach to diagnose bias. Diagnosing bias will enable change agents to more effectively design solutions and convince others in the organization that bias does exist in the culture. Diagnosing bias plays essential roles in improving diversity and inclusion program efficacy. 

See Bias | Block Bias Tool: Assessing Performance and Potential

Assessing performance and potential is an essential component of hiring, developing, retaining and advancing employees. This toolkit illuminates how bias can unintentionally influence evaluations of merit in hiring, developing, retaining and advancing employees. We provide guidelines for ways you can use criteria as a tool to block bias.

Redesigning Redefining Work Videobook

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The Redesigning, Redefining Work Videobook offers innovative ideas and leading-edge research to help you create inclusive workplace cultures where people thrive and companies win in the global marketplace. The Videobook may be used as a resource to spark new ways of thinking about your own workplace and can provide a solid foundation for engaging in important conversations about the future of work.

Preventing Sexual Harassment Guide

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Sexual harassment is one of the most persistent barriers to women's leadership in the workplace.  Today, the prevalence of sexual harassment in companies, universities, organizations and public institutions is epidemic.  This report provides the current state of knowledge about sexual harassment, and provides evidence-based strategies and actions tailored to individuals, managers, and organizational leaders and policy-setters.