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Team Dynamics Resources

Read more about Team Dynamics:

10 TED talks every team should watch: These 10 TED talks explore the power of collaboration and offer tips and tools for better communication and productivity.

When what you know is not enough: Melissa Thomas-Hunt and Katherine Phillips explore the role of gender dynamics in the expression of expertise, finding that gender expectations interfere with the expression, perception, and use of expertise.

What makes teams smarter? More women: Anita Woolley and Thomas Malone find little correlation between a group’s collective intelligence and the IQs of its individual members, but its collective intelligence rises if a group includes more women.

Managing Yourself: Bringing out the best in your people: The Harvard Business Review summarizes a research project studying the difference between leaders who multiply intelligence among their employees and those who diminish it.

New ways of working, Same old gender inequality: Gender News summarizes ethnographic work with women geoscientists, finding that teamwork, career maps and the increased importance of networking for career development disproportionately disadvantage women.

Introverts Make Great Leaders Too: New research on leadership and group dynamics from the Wharton School challenges the assumption that extroverts make the best leaders.

Why Teams Don't Work: J. Richard Hackman, a leading expert in teams at Harvard University, reveals why teams aren't always the best way to get a job done.

Coming Through When it Matters Most: Harvard Business Review presents research about how teams do their best work under pressure.


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