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Tagart Cain Sobotka

Assistant Teaching Professor of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara
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Drawing on a mix of experimental and qualitative methods, Tagart Sobotka's research centers on identifying the micro- and meso-level mechanisms that contribute to persistent inequality, particularly in the areas of gender and health. In one line of work, he examines the ways that diffuse gender beliefs and social psychological mechanisms, such as status threat and pluralistic ignorance, push men to act in ways that reinforce gender inequality. In a second line of work, he examines the consequences that conflicting conceptions of addiction and recovery have on the identities, relationships, and well-being of people who use opioids and their families. 

Sobotka received his BA in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley in 2014, his PhD in Sociology from Stanford University in 2022, and was a Teaching Fellow with Stanford’s Civil, Liberal, and Global Education (COLLEGE) program prior to arriving at UCSB.