Peter Glick

Henry Merritt Wriston Professor in the Social Sciences, Lawrence University
Peter Glick

Peter Glick, PhD is the Henry Merritt Wriston Professor in the Social Sciences at Lawrence University. His research focuses on understanding and overcoming biases and stereotyping.

 In addition to teaching executive education at various academic institutions (e.g., Harvard) and corporations, as a visiting Professor of Management at Northwestern University, he co-designed the Kellogg School of Management’s first diversity management course.

Dr. Glick delivers lively and informative keynote addresses on understanding and preventing bias to corporate and academic audiences. He also helped to develop anti-bias training for corporations (along with Dr. Robert Livingston, Harvard University).

As an expert witness on bias, stereotypes, and discrimination, Dr. Glick has testified in federal court in AustinChicago, and Boston. He provides incisive reports and testimony to help juries understand how and when bias occurs.

Dr. Glick’s award-winning scholarship includes groundbreaking theories of stereotype content, ambivalent sexism, and  toxic organizational culture. He has authored more than 80 articles, which have been collectively  cited almost 50,000 times, Dr. Glick has also co-edited or co-authored three books, including the Sage Handbook of Prejudice and The Social Psychology of Gender.