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Erika Gallegos Contreras

Erika Gallegos Contreras

Program Manager

Erika Gallegos Contreras serves as the Lab's Corporate Program Manager after first joining the Lab as a program analyst in June 2014. As the Corporate Program Manager, Erika manages the Voice & Influence Circles Program at several corporate sites and leads the Corporate Program invoicing.

Prior to joining the Institute, Erika dedicated a year of service to a non-profit, education-based program, City Year San Jose. Her service year included literacy tutoring for elementary school students, co-leading the after-school program, and providing overall support during the school day. She also has prior experience in community outreach in the San Jose area and greater Los Angeles area, where she received her BA in Chicana/o Studies and Labor and Workplace Studies from UCLA.  

Erika is passionate about intergenerational mentorship and improving the workplace to emphasize and support the leadership development of women, especially women of color. During the summer, she leads the high school and Susan Heck summer internship programs and describes her time with the interns as "the highlight of her year." Her spring and summers are busy preparing for the summer with the application process, leading the Gender 101 seminar sessions, weekly check-ins, and scheduling and coordinating workshops led by fellow team members.