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Redesigning, Redefining Work Videobook


The Redesigning, Redefining Work Videobook offers innovative ideas and leading-edge research to help you create inclusive workplace cultures where people thrive and companies win in the global marketplace.

Our suggestion is to use the RRW Videobook as a resource to spark new ways of thinking about your own workplace. The frameworks presented here provide a broad overview of the challenges facing individuals and companies and offer new ways of thinking about solutions. Whether used as a company training video, or as an online resource for a flipped classroom, the RRW Videobook can provide a solid foundation for engaging in important conversations about the future of work.

The RRW Videobook is divided into five chapters:

  1. The Future Workplace: Why Redesign Work?
  2. Why Doesn't Work Work?
  3. Three Successful Work Redesigns
  4. Redesign Toolkit: Principles, Tools & Starting Points
  5. Four Big Ideas for the Future of Work

Each chapter includes resources, such as articles and whitepapers, so you can learn more. Each chapter also has a list of academic references to deepen the research in each area.


The videobook shares great ideas and frameworks for the redesign of work.

Laura Carstensen

The design of work must keep pace with the rate of change.

The culture of work is stuck in an outdated 1950s model.

Eric Severson

This video presents case studies of redesigning work instead of fitting people into existing work structures.

Erin Kelly

This video provides principles for building an inclusive workplace where people and companies thrive.

Phyllis Stewart Pires

To redesign work, we need to think in new ways. Use these ideas to spark new thinking.