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Stanford sociologist pilots new method to reduce gender inequality at work

(Image credit: Courtesy Shelley Correll)
Jan 23 2018

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Clayman Institute Director Shelley Correll and colleagues find that a multi-pronged, "small wins" approach to reducing gender bias can produce large, measurable changes.

Following a three-year study involving several technology companies, Correll and colleagues have developed an evidence-based methodology for reducing bias. Correll and her team tested a multi-pronged approach that included educating managers and workers about bias, diagnosing where bias may exist in people processes, and engaging with leaders and managers to customize Center tools for improved decisions around hiring, calibration and promotion.  The method, in Correll's words, "shifts the target of change from individual decision maker to organizational processes." Correll's research results indicate that a "small wins" approach, in which small but tangible changes are achieved and recognized, can, over time, produce transformational change.

For further information, see this Stanford Report article, as well as this report on the World Economic Forum website.