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Apr 17 2019 | Apple Podcasts
Stanford sociologist Marianne Cooper is a leading expert in the field of gender and family dynamics. Her latest book, Cut Adrift: Families in Insecure Times, details her efforts to understand how families representing an array of social classes perceive and manage contemporary economic anxieties.
WRITTEN BY KATIE WULLERT, SHANNON GILMARTIN, AND CAROLINE SIMARD You’ve probably seen these headlines: “Tech still doesn’t get diversity”, “Only 1 Fortune 500 company is headed by a woman of color”, “Where are the minority professors?”, “More Latinos needed in corporate executive positions.” In U.S...
Apr 16 2019 | Forbes
WRITTEN BY KIM ELSESSER How do you judge the quality of a craft beer? According to new research, the sex of the brewer plays an important role in our opinions of the libation. It seems most of us prefer our craft beer to be brewed by a man. Fortunately, the research also offers promising...
Mar 31 2019 | Stanford Magazine
WRITTEN BY ÁINE DORIS Imagine you’re reading the label of a craft beer. Among the notes you see the name of the brewer: Jane. Does knowing a woman made this beer change your perception of it? Will it taste as good as a beer made by a man? Or say you’re buying cupcakes and you see they’ve been baked...