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WRITTEN BY LUKE SYKORA Harness the power of diversity in your organization. When you start pursuing a new venture, consider how you network, hire, promote and even build an office. Read more at
WRITTEN BY SARAH A. SOULE, DAVINA DRABKIN, AND LORI MACKENZIE Stereotypes are often reinforced by the words we choose to use. For example, when researchers recently analyzed massive text datasets, they found that in the 1910s, Asians in the U.S. were often characterized by words like “barbaric” or...
Jun 12 2019 | New York Times
WRITTEN BY MARIANNE COOPER Even in the wake of #MeToo, there’s no clear-cut “right” way to respond to sexual harassment, the sociologist Marianne Cooper writes. Here’s how to make an informed decision about what to do.
May 21 2019 | The Conversation
WRITTEN BY CHLOE GRACE HART An unprecedented number of women have come forward to share stories of workplace sexual harassment since the #MeToo movement gained momentum in late 2017. Yet their allegations are not always well received. Questions like “What took her so long?” and “Why didn’t she...