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Jan 5 2022 | Time
WRITTEN BY BELINDA LUSCOMBE    A recent Knight Foundation study found that only 1.4% of America’s wealth is handled by asset management firms owned by women and/or people of color, even though there is zero difference in the performance of the more diverse firms.
WRITTEN BY ERIN MACKE, GABRIELA GALL ROSA, SHANNON GILMARTIN, AND CAROLINE SIMARD Work assignments can be a powerful means of propelling employees’ growth but — unless managed deliberately — they can also undermine efforts to build a diverse workforce. 
Nov 15 2021 | Politico
WRITTEN BY EMILY PECK. Women are more likely to want to work remotely. But what if it ends up working against them? Read more at
Nov 10 2021 | The Lily
WRITTEN BY SOO YOUN. College-educated mothers with a remote work option were most likely to leave their jobs, a new study says Read more at
WRITTEN BY VICTORIA MASTERSON  Women are working harder – and getting more burned out – but their efforts are being overlooked, according to a new study. COVID-19 has seen women take on extra work supporting the wellbeing, diversity, equity and inclusion of their colleagues.