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WRITTEN BY MELISSA V. ABAD AND ALISON WYNN To develop a workforce that can weather disruptions, companies need to engage in strategies that empower individual resilience. Read more at
WRITTEN BY MALISSA ALINOR While many leaders have ramped up efforts to make their organizations equitable for members of marginalized groups, evidence shows that Black employees continue to experience disrespect in the workplace. Since Black professionals face a bind in dealing with racialized...
Apr 21 2022 | Washington Post
WRITTEN BY SOO YOUN While it’s well-documented that women with children face a “motherhood penalty” in their careers, researchers are now beginning to study the obstacles facing another group: women who are single and don’t have children. Read more at
Apr 2 2022 | Axios
WRITTEN BY EMILY PECK Women under 30 out-earned men in 16 cities across the country, including New York and Washington, D.C., a Pew Research analysis of Census data through 2019 finds.
Mar 7 2022 | Stanford Report
WRITTEN BY MELISSA DE WITTE  Coming out of the pandemic is an opportunity to build more equitable workplaces – but only if employers act now. Otherwise, burnout is likely going to either drive women out of the paid workforce entirely or cause them to dial back their careers, potentially setting...