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Aug 25 2021 | New York Times
WRITTEN BY DIANE MEHTA As companies make return-to-office plans, not every employee will have leeway for caregiving built into their workday, so I spoke to four employment experts about how parents can ask for a flexible work schedule when it’s time to return to the office. Read more at
Aug 3 2021 |
WRITTEN BY CHRISTINE RO Workplace language encodes gendered expectations that feed into who we hire, how we assess people and who we promote, holding some people back. Read more at
Jul 1 2021 | The Seattle Times
WRITTEN BY ALISON GOLDMAN Working from home for more than a year hasn’t been, well, remotely easy for many women. Women report handling more housework. Moms report providing the bulk of child care, as well as higher rates of anxiety and depressive disorder. So many women have left the labor force...