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Dismantling Gender Bias, Brick by Brick

May 3 2018

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Barbara D. Finberg Director of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research Shelley Correll talks with Stanford Business magazine about the small-wins approach for eliminating gender bias.

At a time when many companies are feeling pressured to report on and reduce gender inequality within their workforce, a Stanford sociologist is finding success with a step-by-step method for eliminating the bias at the root of the problem.

In a recently published paper in Gender and Society, Shelley Correll, director of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research and a professor (by courtesy) of organizational behavior at Stanford GSB, explains the process, which she and her team piloted and found successful while working with several technology companies over the last three years.

The method, which Correll dubs a "small wins model," focuses on educating managers and workers about bias; diagnosing where gender bias could enter thier company's hiring, promotion, or other evaluation practices: and working with the comapny's leaders to develop tools that help reduce bias and inequality in measurable ways.

"The change we can realistically expect to produce in any one instance will be small, imperfect, and incomplete," Correll writes. "Step by step, I believe that these small wins are the path to achieving our larger goal, which is the transformation of our institutions."

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