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About Us

Photo of Shelley Correll, Director

We believe prosperity and innovation require full participation from men and women. The mission of the Center for Women’s Leadership is to transform the landscape of leadership by moving women into leadership roles where they can bring new perspectives on how to address the world’s challenges.

Combining cutting-edge academic research and real-world practice, the Center creates innovative programming and research-based strategies to increase the number of women leaders in education, industry and government.

Blueprint for Change

Our blueprint for change:

  • Conduct research to diagnose the ways gender bias is embedded in the culture of companies, including their people processes and everyday interactions
  • Design and evaluate the effectiveness of solutions to block the effects of bias on the outcomes of women and men in organizations
  • Pilot interventions in partnership with committed companies to test new ideas for producing cultural change
  • Develop tools to drive broad, sustainable social change

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